Museum Expansion
Image of Museum


The Lomita Railroad museum is planning to expand. The drawing below shows the current museum and the proposed expansion when complete. Expansion of the museum will allow us to showoff the many railroad related artifacts that we have in storage waiting to be enjoyed by the public. The expansion will provide educational benefits to all who visit the museum and is sure to bring many return visitors. Plans include everything from a library to a small auditorium, a in house railroad club to many hands on experiences for all. Use the picture below to learn more about each of the items in the picture (More information will be added to each item over the next couple of months).

Our first expansion project was to build a 35 foot tall water tower (click on the water tower below and see the construction pictures) adjacent to our locomotive. This project was completed in 2001. Water towers were very important to the steam railroading era, this new feature will help visitors learn more about this time past.

The museum needs your help with its expansion. We offer many benefits to all who donate, from the individual to the large company. Every contribution (time, money or artifacts) received is important to us.


Lomita Railroad Museum