1910 Union Pacific Caboose


Image of our Caboose


This class CA-1 caboose was built in 1910 by Bettendorf for the Union Pacific Railroad and was assigned to O.W.R. & N. in Washington State, a subsidiary of Union Pacific. In 1966, instead of scrapping the caboose, the Union Pacific Railroad moved the caboose to Los Angeles, refurbished it and presented it to the Lomita Railroad museum for Christmas.

The caboose weighs 36,000 pounds and was equipped for long-haul road service. It has a steel center sill and underframe with wood beam trucks and body. The steel sill allowed helper engines to push directly on the caboose, rather than having to cut the helper into the train ahead of the caboose. This would permit the helper to cut off at the summit with out having to stop the train.

Equipment included bunks for the train crew, stove for cooking and heating, ice box for food storage and washing and drinking water containers. Kerosene lamps were used for lighting.

You can go inside to get the feel of riding in a "bobber" (railroad slang for a caboose).

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